Core Privacy Statement

At Ameliour Innovation, we prioritise the fundamental rights of digital privacy and security for all Internet users.  Our dedication is evidenced by providing secure services while collecting only minimal private information and by using Matomo for our data analytics.  The policy delineates our approach to collecting, utilising, and safeguarding personal information before, during, and after visiting our website.  The button labeled “Current {Date}” accesses the latest version.


Sets a technical cookie recording you deny consent, you won't be asked again.


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Please report any shortcoming in this documentation and we’ll correct as soon as practicable!

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We use Matomo Web Analytics’ privacy-focused tools to help provide a private, secure, high-quality, and well-functioning website.  We use only the tools essential to provide the services and never commoditise your personal data.  Continuing on the site affirms your acceptance of these policies.